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VanGo is a relationship business first

Experts at import auto repair next

VanGo and COVID-19

VanGo Auto will stay open as an essential service. We are helping nurses, doctors, social service workers, grocers, etc. get to work… helping people get to important doctor appointments, get their groceries or medications… helping people travel to a new park and get some fresh air. VanGo is here for our community. We are taking our social distancing very seriously… sanitizing cars and VanGo to keep everyone safe.

Foreign Auto Repair and
Volkswagen Van Specialists

Quality and trustworthy import repair shops are difficult to come by in St. Paul and Minneapolis. A breakdown, problem, or even maintenance work on a vehicle is not really enjoyable or convenient. Even more troubling and irritating is wondering if your auto mechanic is taking advantage of your bummer situation. Locating an auto repair shop that is ethical, skilled and certified at their craft, and staff that are personable, honest, and caring is like a shot in the dark, but VanGo Auto is the lucky find to this important search. Our mechanics have deep knowledge and experience repairing Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, Lexus, Porche, MINI, and many other European and foreign cars. Allow VanGo to take care of you and get you confidently and safely cruising on the road.

Our VanGo Promise – Commitment, Skill, & Heart

We often say, once a customer walks through VanGo’s doors, they stay with us. This is because of our dedication to serve them with goodness and efforts to go over and beyond for customers’ car. Additional perks –

  • Nationwide parts and labor warranty – details HERE
  • Loaner car and shuttle options
  • TechNet roadside assistance for free
  • Tire Protection Warranty Plan
  • Financing – details HERE
  • A ride to the airport and car work completed while you are away – how convenient!
  • Female-friendly auto shop with half the staff being women

Want to read how others’ view our promise, check out our Google reviews HERE

VanGo is a full-service shop

Evidence-based and expert work

VanGo Auto uses the most current diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnosis your vehicle and respond with quality repair and premium parts for long lasting operation and peace of mind. We like to take the time to consult or “show and tell” so you can make educated decisions and be in the driver’s seat regarding your car repairs and maintenance. Car decisions can be difficult and confusing but VanGo is there for you to walk you through the pros and cons of the options you have so you can make confident decisions. If you are interested in a particular service, click on the category below to learn more.

German Auto Repair

Our staff love German cars

VanGo’s mechanics have had their entire professional career working on German and foreign cars. They have the experience, expertise, and passion around German makes and models. Often customers who own a German vehicle are searching for professionals that understand the ins and outs of their particular car. These customers are in good hands at VanGo.

Volkswagen Vanagon and Eurovans

VanGo Auto is a late model – water cooled Volkswagen specialty shop who desires to partner with you to care for and extend the useful life and enjoyment of your van. While some repair shops may hesitate to work on VW vans because they lack classic car experience or are unable to accommodate the extra time and financial investment necessary to work on aging vehicles, VanGo is committed to helping you prioritize and understand the needs of your van so you can safely and comfortably keep it on the road. VanGo understands the extent and limitations of the work that can be successfully done to keep VW vans running. There’s comfort in having a go-to Volkswagen van doctor who is extremely familiar with the quirks of these gems. Staff is extremely meticulous with van details so you will get a good pulse on your van with a pre or post van inspection.

Taking care of the Community

Serving other vehicles

Vehicle Logos

VanGo services other foreign vehicles and domestic cars to assist the community nearby with their car repair and maintenance needs. We work on other makes and models and have the same professional approach and care as with German cars.

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