All VanGo oil changes include a test drive, multi-point inspection, safety check, tire pressure adjusted, battery test, and fluids topped up. This is a great time to get a mini-inspection to learn how your car is feeling from an auto professional. VanGo will identify loose suspension, leaks noticed, inform you of maintenance due, identify safety concerns, etc.

Regular oil and filter changes are offered with a semi-synthetic oil at VanGo. Pricing depends on the car’s specification – which oil filter and how many quarts of oil. Typically pricing ranges from $43-$55. It is recommended that you drive 3000 miles before your next oil change if using semi-synthetic oil.

Most German cars or higher end cars require full-synthetic oil. Typically pricing ranges from $85-$110. Full synthetic oil is healthier for your engine regardless of the car and you get more driving miles between oil changes (5000 miles).

Engine Oil System

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