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German manufactured vehicles are specialized to provide the performance that you have come to expect. VanGo Auto is a German specialty auto repair shop with certified technicians that are trained and experienced to service BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagens, Porsche, MINI, and other luxury European makes. VanGo Auto is often a better fit for customers than a dealership, chain, or general auto shop for a variety of reasons.

Scheduled Maintenance, Extended Warranties and Repairs

VanGo is a full-service mechanical repair shop giving you a one stop shop for your German car needs. Often people believe dealerships are the only ones that are capable of performing scheduled maintenance, extended warranties, and certain repairs on their car; however, this is not the case. VanGo has the ability to take care of these services with personalized care and less money out of your pocket.

Vehicle Maintenance - Spark Plugs

Original Equipment of Manufacture Parts

VanGo believes in replacing parts with OEM parts when necessary. European cars are often extremely picky about wanting manufactured parts installed due to needing the necessary of certain components to properly seal, fit, or operate. There are times where VanGo may offer non-OEM part options (brakes, suspension, etc.) and could save you a significant amount of money but not skimp on the quality any.

German Car Experts

VanGo technicians love German cars and have their careers built with this passion in mind. We know the cars well which help you save on diagnostic time and finding accurate solutions with a quick turnaround time. Many times, customers believe dealers are the only experts in German or luxury car, this is not the case. Non-specialty shops may not completely diagnose or may throw parts at your car which will create extra stress and unnecessary cost. VanGo pinpoints problems and offers the appropriate repair. Every car is different, but with German cars it becomes even more critical to pay attention to well-known details of a luxury car. VanGo understands the ins and outs of German cars, knowing how to care for them properly and competently. We want your car to leave feeling better and lasting longer.

Timing Belt Service

Factory Diagnostic Equipment & Tools

To be a specialty German shop it is critical to not just have the knowledge base but also the proper specialty diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose your luxury car. VanGo is supplied with up to date technology allowing our technicians to properly diagnose, pinpoint, and repair vehicle concerns that comes our way. VanGo has the ability to program and configure many of the new parts that are installed on new German vehicles. Additionally, VanGo is supplied with a wide variety of specialty tools that gives our technicians support to perform complex repairs and services.

Shop Warranty

While dealers and many shops offer a one-year/12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor, at VanGo we go even further. We are proud to offer a two-year/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. In addition, VanGo customers receive two 75-dollar vouchers for roadside assistance needs per year and has other perks listed HERE.

Financing Available

Better Cost & Great Results

VanGo doesn’t have the overhead of huge dealership or a franchise repair shop so have better control on our cost for customers. We are a fair shop that wants everyone to win. We strive every day to provide the best cost to our customers. In the same vein with a cost savings, VanGo still keeps our promise to perform quality work with quality parts that is at a fair in.  We promise you will walk away satisfied, with quality repairs, great turn-around time, and sense you were cared for your entire experience.

No Up Selling at VanGo

At VanGo, our staff are not on commission and do not get paid by each job. It’s all about building trustworthy relationships with our customers and keeping a customer’s safely and comfortably on the road. If VanGo offers suggested repairs due to safety or maintenance, it is because it is our duty to care for you. Our promise is to provide options to customers on what is needed to address the reason for their visit; and also, will discuss maintenance and repairs to keep a long-lasting and healthy car on the road.

Staff Get Paid for Quality

Most technicians in this industry are paid and incentivized to work as quickly as possible, the higher the car count, the higher the paycheck. VanGo’s ethics works differently – we pay a comfortable salary in exchange for quality work. This means the technician isn’t rushing through your repair, but ensuring all the little extras are noted and taken care of (i.e. tying down a loose battery, etc.).

Relationship-Based and Individualized Care

At VanGo, we want every customer to walk in and out of our doors knowing that have been genuinely cared for. This is a relationship business. Yes, VanGo is the expert with your German or luxury car, but our relationship is just as important.  VanGo wants our customers to feel like they belong with us and feel cared for. The technician that works on your car, will often continue to work on your car throughout the relationship vs. changing up technicians each visit. This is helpful because your technician is familiar with your needs, concerns, and has a feel for your specific car.

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