Volkswagen Vanagon Service and Repair

VanGo Auto is a Volkswagen Vanagon specialty shop partnering with customers to care for and extend the useful life and enjoyment of their VW van. While some repair shops may hesitate to work on Vanagons because they lack classic car experience or are unable to accommodate the extra time and financial investment necessary to work on aging vehicles, VanGo is committed to helping van customers understand and prioritize the needs of their van so they can safely and comfortably keep it on the road. VanGo is passionate about VW Vanagons, understanding the extent and limitations of the work that can be successfully done to keep these vans running.

Help Searching for a Vanagon

Vanagons are 30-years-old. With age and miles comes wear on the mechanical components and systems that you rely on to safely keep you on the road without any inconvenient hiccups. If you desire purchasing a Vanagon, learn more about what to look for and inquire about in your initial search.

Critical Vanagon Inspection Assessments

Whether you are getting acquainted better with a Vanagon you already own or you need a pre or post-purchase inspection before you make an investment, VanGo is an excellent specialty shop to help.

VanGo Van Services

VanGo Auto is a full-service shop that is experienced in the common Vanagon issues. We like discussion around being preventative and proactive with maintenance care, replacement of brittle old hoses/fuel lines/etc., and updates that are going to improve your van’s function.

Van Parts for Sale

Coming soon

Travel Resources

VanGo’s personally curated list of van life and travel resources

Travel Itineraries

A hand-picked selection of itineraries for traveling around the midwest in your van or any other vehicle on one or more wheels.

VanGo & Vanagon Customer Agreement

VanGo Auto is passionate about Vanagons, understanding the extent and limitations of the work that can be successfully done to keep them running. To ensure customers’ expectations and what VanGo can deliver to them are in sync, we ask that customers confirm and understand VanGo’s terms.

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