Why VanGo?

Our guarantee & perks for customers

Our Promise to Customers

  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Quality and Thorough Work
  • Empathy and Care
  • Excellent Communication

Our Promise as a Team

  • Positive, Kind and Supportive
  • Respect, Openness and Teamwork
  • Hard Work and Desire to Learn
  • Solid Work Ethic and Professional

Our customers’ needs, preferences, and experience is valued at VanGo Auto which have them returning for repeat business. Communication is key at VanGo – customer are in the loop. Customers drive away from VanGo with confidence in their repair and trust they were treated fairly. We often say, once a customer walks through VanGo’s doors, they stay with us. This is because of our dedication to serve them with goodness and efforts that go over and beyond for a customers’ car. VanGo takes pride in our detailed work and are evidential-based in our recommendations. Our promise to our customers and to our team is front and center – this heartbeat is what makes our shop successful.

Nationwide Parts and Labor Warranty

  • VanGo believes in using quality verses budget parts. We care about your car and want our repairs to last for you. In an unlikely circumstance of a part failing, we will replace it, parts and labor free. We have 2-year or 24,000-mile parts and labor warranty, whichever comes first.
  • If you are not in town but a part fails, no problem, visit another Tech-net auto repair shop and get your warranty honored there. Check HERE for nationwide Tech-net shops and warranty.
Get a loaner vehicle

Loaner Car, Shuttle Options, Drop box

  • We want your car repair or maintenance to be convenient. You can reserve a loaner car option. The cost is $30 for the first day of use and $5 each day thereafter for a maintenance fee.
  • Because of the close proximity to the airport, some find it convenient to get a VanGo shuttle ride to the airport and leave their car to be serviced while out of town. Shuttle service can also be used to pick you up or drop you off to work, home, or school. You can reserve this service Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm.
  • Sometimes customers want to drop off or pick up their car when we are closed. There’s a locked key drop box at the front door for drop-offs. You can arrange to pay your bill and pick up your keys in a locked pick-up box at the front door.

Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan

  • VanGo offers tire protection starting at $15 per tire – peace of mind for three years. This plan includes 100% replacement the first year, 50% replacement the second year, and 25% replacement the third year, down to 2/32″ tread wear.
Welcome to our lobby

Comfortable Lobby with Wi-fi & Beverages

  • If you have a morning oil change or quick service, please feel free to wait in our lobby. Sometimes Ron the dog may even be available to pet.

TechNet Roadside Assistance for free

  • If you are a VanGo customer, you have the benefits of TechNet roadside assistance for free twice per year – up to $75 reimbursement for each use. Customers will need to spend only $25 within a calendar year at VanGo to access these benefits. The car serviced at VanGo is the qualifying car. Further details are listed HERE. Services included are listed below –
    • Emergency towing
    • Lockout service
    • Flat tire change
    • Fluid delivery
    • Battery jumpstart
Financing Available

Car Repair Financing

  • There are times where a customer’s budget is tight but a car repair is necessary to keep them on the road safely. VanGo has a partnership with Synchrony Car Care – a credit card that can assist a customer to get the necessary repairs.
  • To apply click HERE for a zero percent credit card on purchases over $199 at VanGo. Zero percent is for six-months. The application is typically processed within 5-10 minutes. Not all applicants will be approved by Synchrony.
Female Driver

Female-friendly Shop

  • Are you a woman that wants an auto repair shop you can trust? VanGo has as many women staff as men. All that to say – VanGo is a female-friendly shop that is all about making you feel in charge of your car repair decisions. VanGo is not an intimidating car shop at all.
Community Minded

Caring for Community

Crystal, the co-owner of VanGo has deep roots in social services. Her entire career prior to joining forces with her partner Jordan, has been serving the community and those in need through nonprofit organizations. Giving back is near and dear to the couple’s heart. VanGo serves the community through keeping people safe on the roads (and getting them out of town to connect in a VW camper); however, it’s important to extend generosity even further. A few ways VanGo donates to the community is through –

  • Organizing winter needs drives for a homeless shelter and sponsoring meals. Our Saviour’s Housing is a terrific housing organization we are grateful to assist.
  • Volkswagen Vanagon campers are a pretty sweet experience – getting out of the city and connecting with self, others, and the outdoors in a cool classic van. We gift individuals and families the opportunity to experience VanGo Rental that otherwise wouldn’t have the means or initial thought to get in a retro camper. We’ve partnered with a dynamic organization – Louie’s Vision in the past, a local organization that helps visually impaired youth expand their horizons. VanGo also partners with other various organizations for their raffles. We are always looking for more organizations to partner with, if you have an idea, please contact us.

Testimonial Reviews

I brought my BMW 5 series there two weeks ago and now it hasn’t run this good since I bought it three years ago. I had been to a dealership and they never identified the things that Jordan found and fixed. I would give more that 5 stars if I could, and I will recommend him to all my friends and colleagues. – Bill

Jordan has been servicing my cars for years and I can say that he knows cars and how they work and how to repair them. He’s like a car whisperer; he listens to cars and they listen to him as well. His ability to diagnose what is wrong and to solve even the most challenging problems is extraordinary. The other thing I love about taking my cars to VanGo is that Crystal and Jordan truly live out their desire to provide warm, friendly and caring service that is rooted in authentic and trusting relationships. Every time they call or I am there to drop off, even sometimes when the repairs required might be bad news, my day is a little better and my smile a little wider. – AJ

Jordan is the most honest and genuine guy I know! Always takes great care of me and my family! – Paul

I was slow to bring my badly running van anywhere, a little pessimistic that anyone really understood the uncommon 1.9L motor. Well Jordan replaced messed up vacuum lines, and knew about oxygen sensor wire issues. Now After 500 miles it’s still running great and I’m confident to head south again this winter. And They had been helpful with recommendations on a couple items even before I ever brought it in. Thumbs up. – Bruce

Crystal and Jordan are honest, ethical people who are passionate about serving their community. I appreciate their expertise and integrity, as-well-as prompt friendly service. It’s refreshing to encounter trustworthy, sincere business owners. – Nancy/Tom

I happened to fall upon VanGo with my car that had a sick throttle. Just wanted to say thanks to both of you for your warm response, service and helpful advice. I ended up getting the vehicle fixed at the dealer via recall warranty, upon Jordan’s recommendation. I must say how blown away I was with both of you and your professional manner and personal concern. It is very heartwarming to know good people and businesses still exist in modern society. With that I am happy to share this story with my family, friends and colleagues, and will refer them to your awesome little shop on West 7th. – Grady

Thanks for the honest, reasonable, and reliable service. Everyone needs a great mechanic they can trust. – Julie

Jordan is a terrific mechanic and is someone you can trust. He always calls and tells you what he has found. He also goes over options to make sure that you are comfortable with a plan to get the problem fixed. He talks to you as a friend and does not try to up sell you to get more sales. If he says that you should do something, you can rely on it that it is true. He has been working on my cars for over 10 years and I am glad to see he is in a convenient location. Welcome to West 7th! – Bob

Best place to bring your Eurovan or Vanagon! – Mark

We had a number of issues with our car, so we brought it in to find the shop we knew had been bought out. The long story short was we decided to see how this new guy does and was more than happy with the results. One of the major problems resulted in a loud, almost deafening, noise from the front driver side wheel when you hit highway speeds. He made this repair, along with a number of other unrelated repairs that were no surprise to us. Now it’s almost eerie how much quieter and smoother the car drives now. The car is running great and Jordan even went the extra mile to try to keep the costs down, where reasonably possible (prices were around where you would expect them to be). I would recommend this mechanic if you are looking for quality work and a friendly face. – Matt

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