Check engine diagnostics take more time and effort than just simply hooking a computer up – sometimes that will point the technician to the right system, but not tell them what’s wrong within the system. VanGo must lean on our special tools, equipment, and technical knowledge to access and verify the problem. VanGo is evidence-based in our recommendations. As you can see in the video below, the engine computer is complex and there’s many variables that may trigger a check engine light.

To have our car doctors accurately diagnose the problem, we compensate them for their valuable time. Check engine diagnosis is $99 to start. Sometimes a problem can be hidden (for example, corroded wiring issue), so every now and again we need to call and get more time approved. The guys in the shop are good though, so they often don’t need extra time.

There are other lights that may pop up on the dash (i.e. ABS, battery, low oil pressure, engine cooling system, etc.). At times, the cost to diagnose other lights can drop to $49.50 depending on how time consuming the investigation ends up being. If something is a quick diagnosis – i.e. – the problem was the gas cap wasn’t tightened, the price could lower further. VanGo always keeps in mind being fair to everyone.

Engine Management

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