Maintenance Focused & Repairs

Engine Oil and Filter Changes

All VanGo oil changes include a test drive, multi-point inspection, safety check, tire pressure adjusted, battery test, and fluids topped up. This is a great time to get an inspection to learn how your car is feeling from an auto professional. VanGo will identify loose suspension, leaks noticed, inform you of maintenance due, safety concerns, etc.

Maintenance and Tune ups

Your car manufacturer has a maintenance schedule specific to your model car. VanGo will notify you of when the mileage intervals are for engine air and cabin filters, spark plugs, flushes, belts, etc. to be replaced and inspected. Following your maintenance plan does make a difference. If you want your car to have a long life with fewer large repairs, it’s important to be preventative, similar to caring for a human body in a preventative manner to avoid future and premature problems.

Pre and Post Purchase Inspections

Inspections are the wisest dollars you will spend before or after a vehicle purchase (ideally, before). Most dealers or individuals who are confident about a car they are presenting to you and are transparent in their disclosure about the car’s flaws, will allow you to bring the car in for a pre-purchase inspection.

Check Engine or Dash Lights and Diagnostics

Check engine diagnostics take more time and effort than just simply hooking a computer up – sometimes that will point the technician to the right system, but not tell them what’s wrong within the system. VanGo must lean on our special tools, equipment, and technical knowledge to access and verify the problem. VanGo is evidence-based in our recommendations.

Brakes and Suspension

There are many components to keep you braking safely on the road. Most people are familiar with the standard replacement of their brake pads and rotors, yet there are so many other factors that keep customers safely braking.

Timing Belt/Water Pump or Timing Chain

Some cars have timing belts and others have chains. Timing belts are to be replaced every 8-10 years or 80K-100K miles, depending on the manufacturers’ recommendation. Timing chains can last the life of the car; however, there are times when they do not.

Cooling System

Proper cooling system function is most important to keep the engine functioning well. Like many of the systems in a car, the cooling system is multi-faceted. Cooler outdoor temperatures tend to cause the cooling system to be weakened and therefore it is possible to experience increased cooling system issues in the winter.

A/C and Heating

If your air conditioning is not working properly, an A/C refrigerant evacuation/recharge is necessary to either resolve the issue or diagnosis what components within the A/C is not functioning as designed. Heat is important in the winter for safety and defrost functions.

Transmission and Other Drive Train Services

VanGo offers transmission fluid services the axles and entire drive train. Transmission builds and replacements are possible at VanGo.

Engine Repair

Whether it’s an engine oil leak, belts, or something more serious like bent engine valves, VanGo can help you resolve the issue. The engine is the heart of the car.

NEW: Ozone Disinfectant

Ozone treatments are the most powerful sterilant in the world. Ozone uses the chemical reaction of oxidation to break down unwanted molecules.

Minor Interior/Body Work, Tires, Exhaust & Other

VanGo is a full-service auto repair shop. We take on mostly every repair mechanically and electronically. We are not a body shop (that’s a different doctor) but still assist with minor interior and exterior body needs.

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