VanGo Vanagon Services

Service and Repair for your Vanagon

Each time you bring your Vanagon to VanGo for a simple oil and filter change, VanGo mechanics will complete a multi-point inspection, adjust tire pressure, and top up fluids. This is an easy way for our mechanics to get a pulse on your van to ensure there are no obvious issues that could delay your next trip with a van breakdown.

VanGo Auto is a full-service shop that is experienced in the common Vanagon issues. We like discussion around being preventative and proactive with maintenance care, replacement of brittle old hoses/fuel lines/etc., and updates that are going to improve your van’s function. Below are common services for vans, if you don’t see what you need below, just ask because more than likely we can help.

Engine Services

  • Replacement for the 2.1L Vanagon water boxer engine with stock 2.1 rebuild option or upgrade to a 2.2L or 2.3L. This option keeps it original and there’s something romantic about that. This option is more affordable than the Subaru conversions and is easier on the “joints” or rest of the stock system. However, this older technology does not have the same pick up and go like a modern-day engine. With higher compression rebuilds, you will be at 50-60 mph up hills but can cruise 75 mph on flat ground.
  • Subaru conversion is a great option to step into the 21st century of technology and power. This is a popular option but has a higher price tag because of the modification to convert several systems. Depending on your van and what has already been updated the cost can inch towards $20K for it to be done well. You do not want a “cheap” job (we have seen these come through our repair doors and it’s painful for the customer to go backwards because corners were cut when installing a conversion), VanGo always promises to be fair and complete quality work for you. Customers do appreciate traveling the country with modern-day speed and with the peace of mind of a having a modern-day check engine light.
  • Other engines or conversions are serviced at VanGo.

Fuel System Services

  • Fuel line replacement – hard and rubber hoses with new clamps and firewall connection replacement.
  • Weak links of entire fuel system are addressed and repaired
  • Fuel tank hose/seal upgrade or reline; tank reseal with new hoses clamps, and fittings.
  • Injector replacement with proper sealing rings
  • Pump and filter replacement
  • LP tank service or replacement, leak tests with lines, refinishing or valve upgrade

Suspension and Brake Service

  • Shocks replacement – Bilstein or Koni.
  • Springs – stock or slightly lifted height with leveling pads
  • Wheel and tire upgrades – 15” or 16”. Will need new option placement for spare tire
  • Brake service – we love the Big Brake Kit.
  • Steering – urethane bushing replacement – Powerflex


  • Front and rear wheel bearing and seals maintenance or replacement
  • Drive axle replacement – standard and heavy-duty axles/hardware
  • Power steering rack – rubber mounts, power steering filter, fluid flush
  • Automatic/manual transmission services – fluid service, leak repair, linkage repair, and rebuilds. We have our automatic transmission rebuild completed with a local vendor that understands vans. Manual rebuilds are an out of town rebuild.

Drivability Diagnostic and Electrical System Service

  • We will diagnose and repair any electrical concerns – with age comes corroded wires and locating these little gremlins can be tricky. We have up to date equipment and experience to effectively diagnose these tough scenarios. Please understand that diagnosing electrical problems can take time, often it’s not just a 30-minute fix.

Exterior Services and Upgrades

  • Front and rear bumper stock replacement or heavy-duty steel bumper upgrade
  • Headlight upgrades – existing setup or South African headlight kit
  • Other exterior lighting upgrades – fog lights, reverse back up light, LED lights
  • Exterior storage solutions – swing away tray with cargo box, roof rack or luggage cargo box
  • Awning install – 8 or 10-foot wide option.
  • Solar panels
  • Spare tire carrier for larger wheels – at rear hatch or an upgrade for under the van.

Interior Services

  • Pop-top tent OEM three window replacement. Pop-top lift assist – makes open/close much easier.
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Upholstery repair, front seat upgrade or refinish, Recaro seat option, new carpet or curtains, upholstery cleaning
  • Solar showers and skylight window install
  • Auxiliary battery and inverters.
  • Instrument cluster, heat controls, AT trans shifter replacement
  • Refrigerator repair, upgrade, or removal for storage.
  • Propex or Webasto for Vanagon heater options
  • Stereo upgrades
  • Rodent removal and clean-up – mice love to make homes in vans – this can not only stink but can cause you electrical problems when they chew through wiring.
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