Vanagon Agreement

To ensure customers and VanGo’s expectations are aligned, we ask that Vanagon customers agree and confirm each point below.

  1. For efficient VanGo service, please clear out your van and remove any personal belongings from on top of the engine bay and visible cabin areas. Additionally, if there are any services to be performed inside the cabinetry, please remove those belongings as well.
  2. Any storage container or gear on top of the van must be removed before service to properly lift the van in the garage. If we need to remove the belongings, there will be extra time charged.
  3. Before bringing your Vanagon to VanGo, address any wasp or mice infestations for staff safety. VanGo charges an additional extermination or Ozone gas treatment fee to handle any issue, possibly delaying your appointment.
  4. VanGo requires a 30-minute safety and baseline inspection for all new van customers, which measures the immediate safety needs for your Vanagon. While a comprehensive inspection is not required (2.5 hour inspection & 30-minute consultation), it is highly recommended.
  5. Owning a classic vehicle is an investment. Annual repair costs for your 40-year-old van often exceed costs you would expect to incur when maintaining or repairing a modern-day vehicle.
  6. Part availability is often more difficult with classic vans, sometimes causing delay with completion of a repair. VanGo will keep customers apprised of delays.
  7. Options and sources for parts for classic vehicles are fewer, limiting the part selection for many repairs. VanGo will always attempt to use the best parts possible.
  8. VanGo understands that dealing with one issue or need in your Vanagon may lead to the discovery of another problem. This is particularly important to keep in mind given the age of your vehicle.
  9. VanGo will provide an estimate before beginning service (valid for 10-days). This is an estimate if work goes seamlessly; the total cost of the repair could exceed the estimate. Rust and corrosion on classics are primary sources of extra repair time needed. Additionally, each Vanagon is very different from the next Vanagon due to the almost 40-years of various hands working on them and therefore, many times makes VanGo’s work custom work due to them each being rigged up differently.
  10. VanGo allots specific time for your specific service(s) you scheduled for your van. If you add more concerns to be addressed at your van drop off or shortly before your appointment, we may not have extra time to address your new requests. If additional work becomes apparent during your appointment, an attempt will be made to fit that work in ASAP. If there’s inadequate shop time available, an additional appointment will be needed. Consider this possibility when tightly planning trips close to your VanGo service appointment.
  11. We recommend that van customers do not plan vacations immediately following large repairs. 40-year-old classics can have unforeseen needs that come up during large repairs that extend its time at VanGo and it can be extremely helpful to “break-in” a van around town after large repairs.
  12. VanGo will keep you apprised of additional work and costs throughout the repair process depending on your preferences. When there is an increase from the estimated cost, VanGo must know at what price point you desire a phone conversation – please communicate this preference.
  13. In accordance with common practice, VanGo cannot accept/use and warranty outside parts.
  14. A deposit is required for every $750 worth of parts for longer projects. Pre-payment is required for pre-ordered special parts for your van when you have a scheduled future appointment.
  15. If not agreed otherwise, storage fees of $25 per day start three-days after the completion of your van
  16. VanGo accepts credit cards for amounts over $1,500 but charges a 3% convenience fee for van repair due to bank charges. Other payment options with no bank fees are also available upon inquiry.
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