Vanagon Condition

Inspections are Important

Vanagons are 30-years-old. With age and miles comes wear on the mechanical components and systems that you rely on to safely keep you on the road without any inconvenient hiccups. If you are considering purchasing a Vanagon or reviving your van from hibernation, it is wise to get an inspection. Remember – not every repair shop across the states are knowledgeable about your van and you don’t want to be stuck in a small town in the middle of the country without support.

Searching for a Vanagon

If the Vanagon you are considering purchasing is not near VanGo, find another VW Vanagon shop near the van’s location. If you cannot find a van shop, find a VW specialty shop. Please be sure to get an inspection before purchasing. If the van checks out okay, you may want to put a deposit down so the seller knows you’re serious while waiting for you to arrive from out of town. Good Vanagons move off the market quickly. Below are some notes to assist you in your first round of research discussion on a van you are interested in –

  • Is it a low price point? Is it too good to be true? Sometimes it’s helpful to purchase higher because the updates and repairs are already completed and you will be in the repair shop less. Beware though, just because someone is selling high doesn’t mean it’s a quality van. There are sellers who “flip” a van and try to make money out of them.
  • Any accidents/flood history?
  • Owner history on van?
  • Records on van – has it been well maintained and records to back that up? Consistent care?
  • Miles? Upgrades? Camper feature enhancements? Engine? Tranny rebuilt? Cooling system and fuel lines updated? Suspension?
  • Water leaks on inside panels or roof?
  • Any rodent odor? Mice love vans that sit and can cause a lot of electrical damage.
  • Are all camper features working – refrigerator is a common weak spot in vans and most customers replace this with an updated model, heater working, propane tank rusty, faucet working?
  • Is there any rust around the wheels seams or bottom rocker panel areas (common concern)? Some will patch rust to sell van but the rust will quickly return if it’s deep. Midwest vans that have been driven in salt regularly is going to be hard to find without rust. Get measurements of the rust.
  • Condition of a pop top, no cracks in a fiberglass, luggage rack commonly has issues? Pop tops have a better resale vs. tin tops.
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