Critical Vanagon Inspection Assessments

What VanGo Vanagon Inspections Include

Whether you are getting acquainted better with a Vanagon you already own or you need a pre or post-purchase inspection before you make an investment, VanGo is an excellent specialty shop to help. The last thing we want for you is to make an exciting Vanagon purchase that turns out sour later and becomes a costly burden for your pocketbook. Allow us to support you in a VW van purchase that you can be confident about for years to come. Cost for an inspection is $139/hour – 2-hours for a weekender and 3-hours for a camper. This cost includes thorough consultation and the inspection below – a wise investment for peace of mind.

Test Drive Inspection

  • Steering/cranking
  • Idle/Acceleration
  • Transmission/shifting
  • Brake/e-brake
  • Suspension/alignment
  • Dash lights/brake lights/head lights

Engine Inspection

  • Engine oil condition and level
  • Oil leaks – valve cover gasket/ Push Rod
  • Ignition system and cap
  • Compression test
  • Engine noise
  • Drive belt condition

Cooling System Inspection

  • Hose condition
  • Coolant pipe condition
  • Thermostat Hosing/Distributor Tower
  • Cooling system leaks
  • Coolant pipe condition
  • Pressure test system
  • Coolant warning light operation
  • Cooling fan function concerns

Fuel System Inspection

  • Fuel hose and hard line
  • Firewall connection present?
  • Fuel pump and relay
  • Fuel filter condition

Transmission Inspection

  • Fluid level and condition
  • Shift quality
  • Fluid leak inspect, axle seal
  • CV join inspect, joints and boot
  • Mount inspection
  • Manual transmission linkage
  • Clutch operation

Suspension, Brakes, Tires

  • Tire condition, wear and pressure
  • Front suspension system – ball joints, tie rod ends, bellows boots, control arm bushing, shocks
  • Rear Suspension – bushings, shocks, springs
  • Front disc brake inspection
  • Rear brake disassembly and inspect
  • E-brake function check
  • Steering rack, bushings

Interior & Camper Function Inspection

  • Dash lights work
  • Horn function
  • E-brake warning
  • Pop-top and luggage rack function and condition
  • Propane tank
  • Stove top
  • Refrigerator
  • Faucet
  • Auxiliary battery
  • Heater for Eurovan
  • Interior lights and seatbelts
  • Rust and accident inspection
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