Why are Volkswagen Vanagon rental prices higher than some other rentals?

VanGo Auto’s VW Vanagons are classic vehicles (over 30-years old) and with that comes a larger cost for the company due to the many upgrades and proper repairs (new engines, transmissions, cooling system, fuel system, suspension, etc.) to keep these cool rides safely operating and on the roads. Ensuring customers are happy and safe driving VanGo’s rentals is a top priority. In addition, the initial cost of purchasing a quality VW Vanagon Camper is on the higher end. VanGo outfits the rentals with clean and quality camp, sleep, and kitchen gear and VanGo pays for extra classic RV insurance to protect the customer and Vanagon rental.

Why are there strict Vanagon rental rules?

Please read the Terms and Conditions here. It is important you are informed of your responsibilities. Renting a Vanagon is a privilege and with that comes renter responsibility.

What if I’m trying to reserve a Vanagon and my dates are not available for rental?

Email your desired travel dates to info@VanGoAutomotive.com or through the VanGo contact page on this site. Sometimes there are cancellations and we can contact you if something opens up for your desired dates.

Is renting a VW Camper good for families?

Absolutely! The owners have a toddler and they love creating memories in a Vanagon together – they want this for you too. Regarding your precious kiddos – if you feel your little one(s) may not do well in a classic vehicle, this may not be a good option for your family at this time. The vans are super fun for kids and may feel like a playhouse; however, these classic vehicles cannot be treated as playhouses. Jumping on the counter tops, open/closing drawers and turning on/off buttons a gazillion times, rough housing inside the vans, not minding your muddy feet, etc. isn’t allowed. Unlike modern day rentals (which are a dime a dozen), when a knob breaks off or drawer is broken on a classic rental, for example, it may take a long time to find a replacement and/or may be very expensive because the parts are no longer being made. Please make sure you feel comfortable and responsible for your little ones in these rare vans. Please help us give this opportunity to others by treating these gem of vehicles with care and respect.

How is the Vanagon insured?

No need to purchase your own separate and special RV insurance binder, VanGo carries a RV insurance policy that is in place for protection in case of a Vanagon incident. However, VanGo does require you have your own auto insurance to be used as primary insurance and our RV insurance is used then as wraparound/secondary insurance to add even more protection for everyone/everything involved. More coverage means better coverage for you. If you do not currently have your own full coverage insurance that includes rentals, we have a 3rd party that we work with to help insure you. It is 20% of your base rental price (not any add-on options or taxes). Please inquire about this option, if necessary.

How many travelers does the Vanagon sit and sleep?

Two adults/kids can sleep up top and two adults/kids can sleep on the bottom. The top bed is a little wider than the bottom bed. The bottom bed’s cushion and pad is a little thicker than the top bed.

I am a tall and/or larger person. Does the Vanagon work comfortably for me?

Up to your preferences and comfort. If you are taller than 6’2, you will need to curl your toes up. The top bunk will safely hold up to 350 pounds, the bottom bed would be more suitable for more weight.

I’m very sensitive to the temperature, do the vans have air conditioning and heat?

The vans do have A/C when driving; however, it doesn’t get icy cold like modern day vehicles despite the upgrades. The A/C blows from the rear vents so the passengers in the back seats may be more comfortable on a very hot day. Otherwise, many people find that rolling all the windows down works nicely too. VanGo provides a fan for when the van is turned off and the back hatch opens up wide with a button-in bug screen. During the chillier days when the van is turned off, you can rent a Heater Buddy that safely makes the entire van toasty and warm.

Why does VanGo Auto restrict their Vanagon rentals to the Midwest region – MN, WI, ND, SD, IA, IL, and Upper MI?

Because these are 1980s vans, it’s important to keep these gems closer to home. They are safe and reliable; however, if any breakdown did occur (which is unlikely), we could better take care of you and take care of our classic Vanagons. Also, there’s so much to explore in the Midwest – enjoy what we have in our own backyard!

How does the VW Vanagon drive?

Vanagons drive with ease and have an awesome turning radius. Don’t worry about lugging a huge cumbersome boat around, the Vanagons are much more forgiving than that and park in a normal parking spot. They are a little long and the driver sits over the wheels, so pay attention to your turns and take them a little wide.

Why is there a minimum rental of 3-nights?

After each customer returns a Vanagon rental, we not only take a lot of time detail cleaning all the gear and the Vanagons but we perform a very thorough inspection on each camper. Because of this intensive process (up to 3 hours each turn), short-term Vanagon rentals do not make sense. You are welcome to book a one or two night rental; however, will pay for three nights. FYI – at the end of the year, the rentals that weren’t used due to this scenario, will be donated to a family in need for the following camp season.

How do cancellations work?

Vanagon cancellations greater than 60 days are subject to a $50 fee. Cancellations anywhere from 30-60 days are subject to a $250 cancellation fee. Cancellations under 30-days are subject to either 50% of the reservation cost or $250 (whichever is greater). Renters are charged 100% of the reservation cost if there is a cancellation or no show within a 24-hour period of the scheduled trip.

Do we offer one-way Vanagon rentals?

No, not at this time.

Why is there a limit on free miles (150 miles averaged per day)?

We want renters to treat these vintage Vanagon vehicles with a little TLC. VanGo Auto renters get 150 free miles averaged per day. You can have longer mileage days by paying the extra mileage ($0.35 per mile) or just driving less the other days. All we ask is that you don’t push the Vanagons too hard and take a few rests if you have longer mileage days. We want these campers to be good to you and the next Vanagon renter.

How does Vanagon check-out and return work at VanGo Auto?

You reserve your desired date and time to check-out a Vanagon rental (between 9am-5pm) during your reservation booking. The check-out time chosen will set the time in the day in which the Vanagon will be returned on your return date. Please be prepared for a 35-minute orientation as well as check-out paperwork when you pick up the rental (ALL drivers need to be present for orientation). You can select to return your rental up to 3-hours later free of charge but this must been communicated prior to your departure. You may select to return the rental even later in the day for a $60 late charge. Return time must be communicated prior to your departure.

Can you explain the deposit and what that is for?

A $1,000 security and cleaning deposit is required. There will be a full inspection of the Vanagon and gear to ensure there is no damage, missing inventory, or excessive cleaning. If all is good, the deposit hold is lifted after inspection (typically 24-36 hours later). Banks can take up to 3-4 business days to return the deposit. If there is a need for VanGo Auto to charge you, we will discuss this charge with you.

What if I want to use my own sleep, camp, and kitchen gear and/or don’t need any VanGo gear?

This is completely okay. Just notify VanGo of the items we should not include in your rental and we will make that happen. There is no discount for not using the gear.

What happens if we breakdown?

Although a thorough Vanagon inspection is performed and any needed repairs are completed before a Vanagon rental is released to a customer, it is a good reminder to understand these are vintage vehicles. In the unlikely event there is an issue, we are available to the VanGo Auto renter to help resolve the problem. In the event you need a repair, we have relationships with repair shops throughout the Midwest and will hook you up with a speedy resolution. In the rare occasion that the repair will take more than a day, we will either provide a replacement vehicle or refund the remainder of the trip and assist with changes in your itinerary.

Is off-roading okay in the Vanagons?

All of the Vanagon rentals are 2-wheel drive and not suited for unpaved roads or off-roading. Please stay on paved roads or well-graded and well-cleared forest service roads (also, tree branches are not nice to the fiberglass top).

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! VanGo allows one well-behaved and trustworthy dog that will not chew or scratch up the classic ride. There is a $250 dog deposit. We recommend to add the VanGo Auto dog add-on package (with a seat cover, dog bed, pet dishes, outdoor/campsite leash, treats, etc.) if you choose to travel with your pup. Excessive mess on the seats will be charged for the extra cleaning. Please be transparent with us about traveling with your furry friend, otherwise there is an extra fee for not disclosing this information.

What is required to drive a VanGo Auto Vanagon rental?

Drivers must be 25-years old or older, have a valid driver’s license, have insurance, and agree to the VanGo Auto Terms and Conditions.

Where can I camp in my Vanagon rental?

We suggest that you book your campground in advance especially in the high season and/or weekends. If you are searching last minute, we’ve compiled some sites to help, we recommend checking out private parks and campgrounds, US National Forest Campgrounds, US National Forest Dispersed Camping (IE no campground), & state campgrounds. If you are having no luck, check out a free/no reservation campground or lot at boondocking. You can always check out www.AirBnB.com for private land to stay on or sites like HipCamp. Each of VanGo Auto’s Vanagon rentals will have a pre-paid state park pass for Minnesota and Wisconsin. VanGo Auto wants our Vanagon renters to enjoy the parks and all that there is to offer.

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